We entered the massage business with taking over the shop called Sabai Sabai Massage further down the soi. That was in the end of 2015. Ever since we have been building up our shop’s name and reputation and became well-known
We had to give up on the shop since we could get a new lease after the original one would end (Sept. 2019).
End of 2018 we started with designing and arranging the interior as the new location was completely empty and needed to be renovated.

Since we would be running two shops for more than half a year in parallel we decided to continue the new shop under another name; R and R Massage (RandR Massage).
Our new shop is located at 7/38 Moo 5, Soi Ta-Aed, Chalong Muang, Phuket, which is in front of the Anchanlina Hotel

This street hosts many famous boxing schools, for instance Tiger Muay Thai (which is cross opposite our shop), Unit 27, and Phuket Top Team to name a few.
And their trainees come from all over the world for improving their skills in a.o. Muay Thai Boxing, Jiujitsu, MMA, and/or some other disciplines.

We opened in the middle of February 2019, and our salon already have many regularly and frequently returning guests from all these schools to help their body recover after an intensive training session.
But also tourists and other guests from outside the soi know the way to our new shop coming for a relaxing massage, or make use from the other services we offer like; manicure, pedicure, nail paint, or some of the others as shown on the next page.

RandR Massage is one of the first massage salon in Phuket who offers also Thai Warrior Massage.
This type of massage has a long history. The modern unique Thai warrior massage therapy from Thailand is a combination between traditional massage and yoga massage. The combinations of rhythmic massage, acupressure, gentle twisting and deep stretching to aid tension relief and promote the balance of circulating life force energy in your body. Yes, this therapy bring you to feel an extraordinary sense of well-being afterwards and benefits both the recipients and therapist.

Right view of the entry front, and the parking lot on the left of the shop.


After running our massage salons since 2015 we decided to hand over our shop.
It was a difficult decision as we put our heart and soul in there for many years, but we wanted to start something new.
So, starting from September 1st, 2022 the shop and its management are now in the hands of Ooy, and Mee.
The RandR Massage name, staff, and service all stay the same as before.

We want to thank all of our customers, and especially the many regular ones who visited our shop and supported us for all those years.

We wish Ooy and Mee good luck and success continuing running the business.

Rattana & Rob.